Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board of Florida

Important information from the Florida Board of Professional Regulation’s Website:

Assessment Fee

During the August 2010 license renewal, the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board will charge a one-time special assessment fee of $75.00 per licensee, which will be due along with your renewal fee. The department is statutorily required to maintain a cash balance for each of the professions it regulates. The ECLB has been operating in a deficit for several years, and the board determined the best way to eliminate the deficit was to assess a one-time $75 fee, rather than permanently increase the total cost of the license.

In the article from the DBPR’s website they note that the department is very conservative with its spending, and continually works to cut costs and to operate efficiently and effectively. The licensing fees the department receives from electrical and alarm system contractors are used to pay for essential tasks associated with the profession’s licensing and enforcement activities, such as funding the contractor application process, enforcing laws and rules, and holding the required board meetings. The department has also seen an increase in unlicensed activity over the past two years, and we have focused a lot of our attention on investigating and prosecuting individuals who are doing electrical and alarm system contracting without a license.

New reporting requirement for criminal convictions

Attorney Lars Soreide, reminds Florida license holders that as of October 1, 2009, Section 455.227 (1) (t), Florida Statutes requires all professional licensees to report to the department within 30 days of being convicted or found guilty of, or having plead nolo contendere or guilty to a crime in any jurisdiction.  The statute also requires the reporting of any convictions that occurred prior to October 1, 2009.  A licensee who fails to report that information may be subject to disciplinary action, including fines, suspension or license revocation.  To report this information, complete the criminal self-reporting document and mail it to the department.

This information was obtained on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website.

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