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Top Rated Professional License Attorney We represent businesses and individuals who are regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. Our practice handles all licensing law and administrative issues throughout the state of Florida.

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Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA, a realtor, an architect, an engineer, a stockbroker, a nurse, an auctioneer or a pharmacist, a professional license is a prerequisite for doing business. We assist in the application process and help clients understand and comply with all applicable government regulations associated with their license. We also defend against attacks on your professional license and represent you before the appropriate administrative board.

Complaints and License Denials

Your professional license is your livelihood and you should take every step to protect it. Acting quickly in solving your licensing issue is key and may even need to be done in 15 days or less to satisfy licensing requirements.

Practice Areas in Florida

  • License Applications
  • License Denials
  • Revocations/Suspensions
  • Petitions for Reconsideration
  • Emergency Suspension Orders
  • Licensure Appeals

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Our firm, Soreide Law Group, PLLC, is led by attorney Lars K. Soreide. Mr. Soreide is a member of the Florida Bar and is licensed in the Southern District of Florida. He has extensive experience working for and with several of Florida’s regulators. Our firm also offers application assistance and compliance services to help secure and protect your license. Mr. Soreide has detailed knowledge of administrative law, including the legal and procedural obligations of the agencies and regulatory boards under the professional practice acts and the Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 120, Florida Statutes. Soreide Law Group provides legal counsel and representation for all licensing-related matters, including disciplinary actions, administrative hearings, board appearances, emergency suspensions of licensure, licensure applications, rule challenges, and appeals of final orders. We can guide you through each part of your license defense from the initial stages of an investigation through probable cause determination or dismissal, settlement negotiations, administrative hearing, board representation, or appeal of an agency final order. Super LawyersMany of our professional license defense clients are people who suffer from mental illness and chemical dependency. Mental health and chemical dependency issues are complex. We regularly work with experts and frequently refer clients for treatment and monitoring to help them manage addictions and mental illnesses. A more favorable outcome is likely if such as avoiding disbarment, preventing license revocation, and stopping license suspension if you can show evidence of rehabilitation.

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If you face suspension of your professional license, you should contact our lawyers for legal advice and representation as soon as possible. Our lawyers will do the necessary research to defend you. We will research prior situations that are similar to yours, which were resolved without a license suspension or denial. We will also look into chemical dependency treatment programs or an impaired physicians program that would allow you to maintain your license and continue working. Every person who faces a suspension of their professional license has a right to an administrative hearing, as well as a right to appeal that decision. Our lawyers will appear on your behalf at your hearing and fight for your interests. We are also able to file an appeal on your behalf if you have already been through the process and want to challenge a board’s decision. Our professional licensing lawyers represent all professions regulated by any administrative board in Florida. We also offer competitive rates and flat fee representation. Call now for a free consultation. 888-760-6552 or email lars@soreidelaw.com.