Crack-Down on Florida Doctors

In a recent investigative news report by Carmel Cafiero, of 7News in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, it was reported that doctors accused of allegedly overprescribing addictive pain pills are getting a painful  punishment from the state medical board, and the penalties are much harsher than they ever expected.

Recently when a doctor from West Palm Beach came before the Florida Board of Medicine on charges he overprescribed dangerous  narcotics, thinking he might get a settlement he agreed upon with the state Department of Health, was not the case.

The state board medical panel, made up of fellow physicians, had very little sympathy for the doctors  before them.

A Florida mother told the panel her son was one of those people harmed by pain pills. She said, “When I saw the medical records of our son and saw the amount  of drugs that were prescribed, I was flabbergasted.”  She added, “I feel like he (the doctor) created an addict who became a criminal …  because of an addiction that all started with the overprescribing of  narcotics.”

Several doctors at the hearing had  worked out agreements with the state health department on their charges. These  agreements included things like paying fines and having to take education  courses. However, the board did not accept these agreements on this particular day.

The board issued much stiffer penalties, not the recommended reprimands. Two doctors had their licenses suspended, one doctor for six months with  increased fines and costs totaling more than $40,000. Another doctor’s suspension lasts until he is evaluated by a professional  organization and reinstated by the board. He is facing fines and costs of more  than $27,000.

These doctors and two other South Florida physicians were banned from  prescribing narcotics or working in pain clinics again, something the Florida mother  wishes had happened before her son was hooked and sentenced to 32 years in  prison for a drugstore robbery.

These doctors now have the option of accepting the board’s decisions or appealing them.

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