Effects of a Disciplinary Action for Florida Nurses

It is important for someone who holds a professional license to be aware of the effects of a disciplinary action by a licensing board beyond the sanction that was agreed to or imposed on them. At times, the order can have far reaching consequences which could cause additional problems to the licensee.  Remember, you license is your livelihood.  

In a recent publication, a nurse had asked the question regarding the long term effects that accepting a reprimand would have on her license. A reprimand, sometimes called a censure, is less serious than other disciplines, but is still a discipline. The board had offered her a reprimand as discipline, and a fine of $500. The board could require the nurse to pay the fine, take continuing education courses, a seminar on professionalism or ethics, or could possibly place limitations on certain aspects of the nurse’s practice.

With the exception of an administrative warning letter, all other disciplines are public disciplines, which are available on the board’s website. Federal law requires any discipline imposed by a board of nursing be reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

It may be difficult to keep your current job after a discipline has been imposed and could make finding a new position difficult. Also, a disciplinary action could cause you to lose specialty certifications that you currently hold.  If you have professional liability insurance, a disciplinary action by a nursing board could be seen as a breach of contract.  It is difficult to repair the damage to your good name.

If the board orders an administrative hearing, it is best to consult with a lawyer experienced in license defense to carefully evaluate your situation on how to proceed.  Remember, your lawyer is your advocate, and it is important for you to be honest with your lawyer.

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