Florida Cosmetology Services that Must Be Licensed

In the State of Florida, cosmetology includes services such as hair cutting, hair arranging, hair coloring, permanent waving, and hair relaxing for compensation.  Examples of compensation are cash, goods, services, etc.  It also includes performing hair removal, including wax treatments, manicures, pedicures, and skin care services.  Except for shampooing and conditioning, if you are providing anything of value for cosmetology services, you need to hire a licensed person.   

Also, all compensated cosmetology services in the State of Florida, with the exception of hair braiding, hair wrapping and body wrapping, must be performed in a licensed cosmetology salon.  If a customer cannot get to a licensed salon for a cosmetology service due to an illness (for example, hospitalization or being home bound), the cosmetology specialist can perform the service in an alternative setting.

These items are offered as examples of services you do need to hire a person with a Florida license and services you do not need to hire a person with a Florida license.  The list is not all inclusive.  If you have specific questions, please contact the department at 850.487.1395 or review the rules for the profession at www.myfloridalicense.com.  You should also check with your county or city to learn whether or not a local business tax receipt is required for services that do not require a state license.  

Needs a License Does not need a License
Cut, color or arrange hair for compensation.Any cosmetology services as long as no compensation is received for the service.  Examples of compensation are cash, goods, services, etc. 
Permanent wave, relax, or straighten hair for compensation.Apply makeup for no compensation or apply makeup at a makeup counter or for an independent makeup company so long as the makeup application is solely for the purpose of selling the product and not for selling the service.
Add nail extensions or caps for compensation.Shampoo or condition hair only (cannot rinse chemicals such as color, permanent wave solution, etc.).
Remove or add nail polish to fingernails or toenails for compensation.Provide wig/hair piece fitting service, in conjunction with the sale of the wig/hair piece

as long as no cosmetology services are performed (e.g., hair cutting, shaping, coloring, etc.).

Perform facials for compensation. 
Performs pedicuring, or the shaping, polishing, tinting, or cleansing of the nails of the feet, and massaging or beautifying of the feet for compensation. 
Perform microdermabrasion for compensation. 
Apply makeup for compensation. 
Perform sugaring for compensation. 
Perform threading for compensation. 
Tweeze or wax facial hair for compensation. 
Add eyelash extensions for compensation. 
Perform hair braiding for compensation. 
Perform hair wrapping for compensation. 
Perform body wrapping for compensation. 
Cut, color, blow dry, or arrange hair for compensation. 

This information was obtained from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Website.

Whether you are veterinrian, cosmetologist, barber, mortgage broker,  appraiser, doctor,  lawyer,  CPA,  realtor,  architect,  engineer,  stockbroker,  nurse,  auctioneer, contractor, or  pharmacist, a professional license is a prerequisite for doing business in the State of Florida. We assist in the application process and help you understand and comply with all applicable government regulations associated with your license. We also defend you against attacks on your professional license and represent you before the appropriate administrative board. For more information regarding professional licensing law contact Soreide Law Group at: www.floridaprofessionallicense.com or call (888) 760-6552.