Florida Department of Health Files Complaint Against Doctor for Operating on the Wrong Leg

The Florida Department of Health is recommending disciplinary action be taken against a Daytona doctor who operated on the wrong leg of a woman last year. The administrative complaint says that the doctor allegedly failed to follow proper procedures to verify he was operating on the woman’s correct leg.  Currently, the doctor’s medical license is active with the state.

The Florida Board of Medicine’s disciplinary action could possibly include revocation of his license, a suspension, a reprimand or fine.

Apparently, the doctor learned of the mistake in the middle of the procedure. According to the report, he then finished the procedure on the right leg and then did the correct procedure on the left leg. The doctor failed to tell the patient he was in error, and then obtained the consent for the work to right leg after the procedure had been performed.  He then informed his patient that he believed the procedure was necessary based on her history.

Since then the physician has resigned from the medical center. Wrong-site surgeries are rare but the Florida medical community considers a wrong-site surgery to be a “never event.”

Disciplinary action can be a lengthy process. The doctor could settle the case or contest it before an administrative law judge or the Florida Board of Medicine.  The board could also suspend a doctor’s license immediately on an emergency basis if they deem the doctor to be a danger to the public.

Remember your medical license is your livelihood.

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