Effects of a Disciplinary Action for Florida Nurses

It is important for someone who holds a professional license to be aware of the effects of a disciplinary action by a licensing board beyond the sanction that was agreed to or imposed on them. At times, the order can have far reaching consequences which could cause additional problems to the licensee.  Remember, you license […]


Florida Board of Accountancy Complaint Against a CPA

In the State of Florida, what is the process of a Certified Public Account (CPA) complaint? According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR), if the complaint is determined to be legally sufficient, an investigation is opened.  The CPA is made aware of the allegations, provided with a copy of the complaint that […]


Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Florida Applications for Insurance Licenses

The following information was obtained from the Florida Administrative Law Code: 69B-211.042 Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Applications for Insurnace Licensure in Florida. “(1) Law Enforcement Records and Required Documentation. The Department uses Law Enforcement Records to determine whether an applicant is subject to the permanent bar or disqualifying periods set forth in Sections […]


Some Reasons for Disciplinary Actions on a Florida CPA

Below a few of the reasons Florida CPA’s may find themselves facing Disciplinary Actions: Attempting to procure a license to practice public accounting by bribery or fraudulent misrepresentations. False or fraudulent advertising. Having a CPA license revoked, suspended, denied, or otherwise acted against by the licensing authority of another state, territory, or country. Any fraudulent […]


Does New Legislation Affect Pharmacists?

When Florida’s 2016 legislative session gave the authority to advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to prescribe controlled substances, how does this now affect the licensed Florida pharmacists? As always, Soreide Law Group reminds all Florida licensed professionals to check with the proper authorities for the new and changing laws. After ARNPs […]


New Florida Laws For ARNPs and PAs Prescribing Controlled Substances

Florida’s 2016 legislative session gave the authority to advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to now prescribe controlled substances.  This however is subject to approval by their supervising practitioner and it is not a complete grant of prescribing authority.  Some of the restrictions are listed below.  As always, we remind you to […]


Florida Accountancy Disciplinary Proceedings

The following is from the 2016 Florida Statutes, Located in CHAPTER 473 PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY “Disciplinary proceedings.— (1) The following acts constitute grounds for which the disciplinary actions in subsection (3) may be taken: (a) Violation of any provision of s. 455.227(1) or any other provision of this chapter. (b) Attempting to procure a license to practice public accounting […]


Protect Your Florida Nursing License

Most nurses only think about the Florida Board of Nursing when they are obtaining their license or when they are renewing their Florida nursing licenses. Most nurses rarely think about lawsuits that can affect their ability to practice nursing. Few nurses expect to give up their ability to earn money as a nurse because the […]


Board of Nursing Meetings

On the Florida Board of Nursing’s website the following information on their meetings was obtained: The Florida Board of Nursing meets bimonthly, usually the first week of every even month. The full Florida Board of Nursing meetings include: application review, disciplinary cases, committee reports, rule discussions and other necessary Board actions.  The Florida Board of Nursing […]


More Training for Florida’s Pharmacists

The Florida Board of Pharmacy approved a new rule which mandates additional training for licensed Florida pharmacists in connection with filling prescriptions for controlled substances. Many of Florida’s pharmacists are resistant to filling prescriptions for controlled substances, and this has prevented legitimate patients from obtaining their much needed pain medications. The Drug Enforcement Administration has […]