Florida Mortgage Brokers License

In order to obtain a Mortgage Brokers License in the State of Florida, the Florida Department of Banking and Finance, Division of Finance, located in Tallahassee, Florida, will oversee all aspects of the mortagage licensing laws.  They have all current information regarding the Florida Mortgage Law on their website, and the latest news regarding requirements for licensure.  This is a valuable website for anyone seeking a mortgage brokers license as well as current licensed mortgage brokers.

To obtain a Mortgage Brokers License in Florida you must be 18 years old,  take 24 hours of classroom instruction at an approved, qualified school, and pass the written exam. After receiving your license, you must take an additional 14 hours of continuing education by an approved, qualified provider. Before final approval, every applicant must submit fingerprints to either the FBI or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  If there are any pending actions that may involve fraud, dishonest dealing, or acts of moral turpitude the license may be denied.

The Florida Mortgage Brokers License fee is $195 for a license and $43 for the exam.

Two important associations also to obtain information from are The Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, and the National Association of Mortage Brokers, also known as NAMB.

The information in this article should not replace the valuable and current information obtained from the above mentioned organizations.  Always check with them to get the latest and most updated information.

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