Florida Physician’s Medical License in Jeopardy

The Florida Department of Health’s Board of Medicine is trying to revoke the medical license of a Florida doctor who once practiced at the Back Center in Melbourne, Florida.  There have been two complaints filed by the Florida Department of Health accusing the doctor of “inappropriately touching five women during treatment.” This doctor is now restricted from seeing female patients, and is facing a civil suit filed on behalf of one of the women accusing him.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the doctor offered the Board of Medicine a settlement, including: paying a $20,000 fine, taking a course in laws and rules, giving a seminar on maintaining professional boundaries, and never again seeing a female patient without another person present, but this offer was rejected. They are now moving forward with revoking his medical license.

The doctor plans on requesting an administrative hearing to challenge the board’s complaints and has denied all allegations.

After police  investigated the incidents, the evidence was presented to the State Attorney’s Office, but it was determined by the office that there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.

Remember your license is your livelihood.

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