Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation Protects Consumers with Statewide Unlicensed Activity Operation

TALLAHASSEE—The last week of June, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation conducted its statewide unlicensed activity operation. Sweep and sting operations were held throughout Florida to protect consumers from the personal and financial harm that can result from hiring unlicensed individuals. DBPR partnered with local law enforcement agencies, building departments, and workers’ compensation representatives to visit 446 worksites and checked 359 working individuals and businesses for state-required licensure. DBPR and partners issued 18 citations, 13 cease and desists, and made one arrest.

A sweep involves checking licenses to ensure compliance with state laws; a sting involves undercover operations where known or suspected unlicensed individuals are targeted. Twelve sweeps and five stings were conducted.

“During the final statewide operation for this fiscal year, investigators found less unlicensed activity than during past operations,” said Interim Secretary Charlie Liem. “I hope this is an indication of the impact our efforts are having on decreasing unlicensed activity.”

 Florida’s DBPR reminds you that hiring unlicensed individuals can threaten the financial and personal safety of consumers, as well as the livelihood of state-licensed professionals. Unlicensed individuals may not carry workers’ compensation or liability insurance, and consumers may end up paying for injuries on the job. Additionally, unlicensed individuals often underbid licensed professionals, which results in law-abiding professionals losing work to those who do not meet state licensure requirements.

This information appeared on Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website.

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