Interactive Website Launced by Florida Board Of Pharmacy

The following information was obtained from Tallahassee’s ‘Capital Soup:’

TALLAHASSEE- The Florida Board of Pharmacy has launched an updated, interactive website to improve communication between Board members and those they serve.  The website,, is newly designed to enhance transparency, provide better public service to constituents, and increase the accessibility of services.

This site contains valuable resources for pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy permit holders, including the ability to apply for, renew or verify a license. New features encourage public feedback, allowing constituents the opportunity to file complaints.

“To meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly going online, and as pharmacists continue to take on a more prominent role as a part of the total health care team, we as a Board have an added responsibility to protect, promote and improve the health of those we serve,” said Albert Garcia, Chair of the Florida Board of Pharmacy. “The new interactive website provides transparency and efficiency needed for both our citizens and healthcare professionals.”

This ends the information from the Capital Soup.

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