Keep Your Nursing License in Good Standing

Florida nurses have worked hard to obtain their nursing license.  They have invested time and money in their education. One bad decision, or lapse in judgment could cause them to lose their license, and sometimes unfortunately, it could be permanent.

Remember, your license is your livelihood!

There are several tips to help you keep your license, and career,  in good standing. Here are some of the basics every nurse should remember:

In the age of social media, be very careful of the content and photos you post.

When you are working, if you are asked to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing, question it.  Make sure it is something that you agree with and can defend.

Always be professional.  Even if you are not working there is a public perception of a nurse.

If you do receive a complaint and are required to appear before the licensing board, it would be in your best interest to hire an experienced licensing attorney who has appeared before the Florida Board of Nursing and understands the process.

If you feel your Florida nursing license is in jeopardy, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
If you are a Florida nursing student or a Florida nurse with licensing issues, Soreide Law Group will represent you in front of the Florida Board of Nursing. To speak with a lawyer regarding your nursing license please call: (888) 760-6552.