Licensed Pharmacists in Florida


We are often asked if someone can become a licensed Pharmacist in the State of Florida if they have a misdemeanor or a felony on their record.

According to Florida’s Department of Health, The Board of Pharmacy evaluates each applicant on a case-to- case basis. The Board will consider the severity and the nature of the offense and when it occured.  Also, they will find out if there has been any attempt at rehabilitation and other such factors. The Board of Pharmacy must evaluate the entire application and any documents that may support it before approving or denying the application.

 You should report any changes if a period of probation was completed and the charges dismissed even if you have received a suspended imposition of sentence and your record is closed.The Florida Board of Pharmacy urges all those considering submitting an application to start the process early, and those who may have a criminal or discipline history to be prepared with the proper information regarding the situation.

For the most current information, visit Florida’s Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy’s website.


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