New Amendment To Veterinary Medicine Statute

On March 6, 2013, at a Board of Veterinary Medicine meeting in Fort Lauderdale, a unanimous amendment was adopted by the Board to add to 61G18-15.0025 “an American Veterinary Medical Association Approved Method of Chemical method of euthanasia.” This means that all Mobile Veterinary units must maintain a Chemical Method of euthanasia.

The following was the previous statute from the Florida Administrative Code and Register located on the florida.eregulations website:

61G18-15.0025. Minimum Standards for a Mobile Veterinary Practice for Agricultural Animals

  • Effective: Thursday, July 22, 2010 — Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Filed Date: Friday, July 02, 2010

    The following minimum standards shall apply to mobile veterinary medical practices for agricultural animals:

    (1) Mobile units utilized by veterinarians:

    (a) Shall be clean and orderly.

    (b) Shall contain the following:

    1. Sterile syringes and needles.

    2. Properly stored biologics.

    3. Antiseptic intravenous equipment.

    4. If controlled substances are on the unit, a locking secure cabinet for storage and an accurate controlled substance log.

    5. When surgery is to be performed, the following shall be maintained:

    a. Surgical instruments,

    b. Access to a means of sterilization,

    c. Suture material, and

    d. Intravenous equipment.

    (2) When working with known infectious diseases within a herd, precautions shall be used to prevent transmission of infectious agents to another animal whether or not within the herd.

    (3) Veterinarians must have a written agreement with a clinic or hospital for the provision of long term hospitalization, surgery, or radiology, if these services are not provided by the mobile clinic.

    (4) Veterinarians must furnish a permanent address at which the veterinarian can be reached so that their clients can request veterinary medical records.

    Rulemaking Authority 474.206, 474.215(6) FS. Law Implemented 474.215(6) FS. History–New 7-4-95, Amended 7-22-10.

    This ends the information from Florida Administrative Code.

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