Ocala Dentist Reinstated But May Not Return to Practice

A 33 year-old suspended Ocala dentist is now able to practice again under an agreement approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry on Friday. The dentist,  in trouble over how he treated children, said he was not going to practice anymore and claimed he wanted to move on to another career.

The 11-member Florida Board of Dentistry, adopted with  modifications, the proposed settlement with the pediatric dentist, on his disciplinary case. The Board members agreed to reduce the fine imposed in the settlement from $15,000 to $7,500 and remove a stipulation that the dentist must publish a 2,500-word article. He must also have continuing education on ethics and dental record keeping and must have someone other than his wife, who is a dentist, monitor his practice.

The allegations in the complaint included:

* A 4-year-old girl who reportedly stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated while the child’s tooth was being extracted. The complaint alleges that the child’s family wasn’t told about the incident.

* A 4-year-old girl who was given general anesthesia during a dental procedure even though the dentist had been told not to do so by the child’s mother.

* Alterations to patient records.

The attorney for the dentist felt the investigation ‘was flawed from the start.’ One board member also agreed and wanted to dismiss the allegations, but his motion was denied.

The dentist’s wife will continue on with the practice.

The dentist felt the suspension and media attention ruined them financially and emotionally. Over 20 employees lost their jobs and that office was the only pediatric dentist in the county who accepted Medicaid, which has now also been taken away.

Remember, your license is your livelihood.

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