Protect Your Florida Nursing License

Most nurses only think about the Florida Board of Nursing when they are obtaining their license or when they are renewing their Florida nursing licenses. Most nurses rarely think about lawsuits that can affect their ability to practice nursing.

Few nurses expect to give up their ability to earn money as a nurse because the Board revokes their license or forces them to surrender their license. Even if the Florida Board of Nursing does not revoke a license, they can still restrict a nurse’s license and affect their employment.

Many nurses may have made an error, were not aware of the Florida laws governing them, or failed to document properly. The nurse could be innocent, but still may have had a complaint filed with the Board.

All nurses must protect themselves, be diligent, and know the laws, rules and regulations that govern Florida nursing, and they must practice good risk management.

Areas that can create problems are:  assessment, documentation, intervention, failing to know the proper procedures and policies, bypassing checks and balances, and substance abuse.

Nurses need guidance during any interaction with the Florida Board of nursing and should rely on an experienced license defense attorney to protect their livelihood.

Remember, your license is your livelihood.  If you feel your Florida nursing license is in jeopardy, call Soreide Law Group for a free consultation with a lawyer. If you are a Florida nursing student or a Florida nurse with licensing issues, Soreide Law Group will represent you in front of the Florida Board of Nursing. To speak with a lawyer at no cost call: (888) 760-6552.