Florida Nurses and Nursing Students with Criminal Convictions

When the SB 1986 law was passed, it became much more difficult to get a license to become an APRN, RN or LPN, and keep it,  if the applicant has a criminal conviction. 
Below is the link from the Florida Nurses Association website regarding SB 1986.
This is the cut and paste of the information available from the Florida Nurses Association website:
LEGISLATIVE ALERT: (posted 8/11/09)
It is important for nurses and those considering entering nursing school to be aware of the implementation of SB 1986 which is a 160 page Medicaid Fraud bill which was passed in the last moments of session. It contains provisions which got past everyone concerning the licensure of healthcare providers convicted of certain felonies. If a provider or applicant has a history of a conviction for any felony relating to medical fraud, non-medical fraud or controlled substances, they may not be issued a license for 15 years after their probation has ended. The new law also requires that providers who have these convictions may not be issued a renewal license. This law is going to present serious problems for a number of providers and those who want to be providers. For example, a recent graduate of a nursing program was denied a license because as a freshman in college she had an issue with possession of marijuana. She has been through drug treatment and has successfully completed nursing school. Now she cannot get a Florida license due to this new law. There were a number of cases like this during the last Board of Nursing meeting.
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