State of Florida in Need of Nurses/Health Care Workers

Currently, there are thousands of vacancies for licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants in the State of Florida.  The state’s economists report that Florida needs more than 220,000 new health care workers by 2030.  Also, the Florida Center for Nursing forecasts a shortage of 11,000 nurses by 2015.  Will Florida be able to find enough licensed health care professionals?

The Florida Legislature realized four years ago that the state’s educational institutions could not provide enough nurses. So, they decided that the state could either invest additional money at public universities and colleges, or give the private institutions a greater role in the training.  Now, almost half the growth has come from the private sector.

The new schools have challenges. It takes time for programs to mature. The accountability measures will be strengthened to address schools that fall short. However, in the past, nursing education was far too limited to meet the urgent demand.

If you feel your Florida professional nursing license is in jeopardy, contact us. Remember, your license is your livelihood.

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