Disciplinary Actions in Florida Related to Pharmacy

The following are the statutes found on Florida’s Department of Health’s website under, “2012 Statutes and Rules. Pharmacy.” 465.023 Pharmacy permittee; disciplinary action.— (1) The department or the board may revoke or suspend the permit of any pharmacy permittee, and may fine, place on probation, or otherwise discipline any pharmacy permittee if the permittee, or any affiliated person, partner, officer, […]


Fraud Law in Florida May Curtail Some Medical Careers

TALLAHASSEE – A Florida state law designed mainly to crack down on Medicaid fraud is having unexpected consequences by keeping some health care professionals from getting or keeping their licenses at a time when the state is suffering a shortage. This little-noticed provision in the 160-page measure is preventing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians from working […]


Licensure/Certification for Florida Pharmacists

Length of Training/Requirements The Doctor of Pharmacy degree requires at least six years of study beyond high school. The curriculum in Florida, consists of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathophysiology, pharmacy calculations, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, professional communications, pharmacy management, pharmacy law, evidenced-based pharmacy, clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy, and clinical clerkships. Some pharmacy programs admit students directly from high school; […]