Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Florida Applications for Insurance Licenses

The following information was obtained from the Florida Administrative Law Code: 69B-211.042 Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Applications for Insurnace Licensure in Florida. “(1) Law Enforcement Records and Required Documentation. The Department uses Law Enforcement Records to determine whether an applicant is subject to the permanent bar or disqualifying periods set forth in Sections […]


Florida Accountancy Disciplinary Proceedings

The following is from the 2016 Florida Statutes, Located in CHAPTER 473 PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY “Disciplinary proceedings.— (1) The following acts constitute grounds for which the disciplinary actions in subsection (3) may be taken: (a) Violation of any provision of s. 455.227(1) or any other provision of this chapter. (b) Attempting to procure a license to practice public accounting […]


Florida Statutes Preventing Health Care Boards to Issue Licenses, Certificates or Registrations, or Reasons to Refuse to Admit Candidates for Exams

Health Care Fraud; Disqualification for License, Certificate, or Registration “Effective July 1, 2012, section 456.0635, Florida Statutes, provides that health care boards or the department shall refuse to issue a license, certificate or registration and shall refuse to admit a candidate for examination if the applicant: 1. Has been convicted of, or entered a plea […]


Florida Board of Nursing’s Meeting Schedule for 2015

The following information was obtained on the Florida Board of Nursing’s website.  The Board meets bimonthly, generally during the first week of every even month. The full board meetings include disciplinary cases, application review, committee reports, rule discussions and other necessary Board actions. Board meetings are open to the public. The Full Board Meeting begins […]


Finding Information on Educational Programs for Florida Nurses

The following summation of information was found on the Florida Board of Nursing website.  We always recommend reviewing their most current information. Q: Where can information on educational programs on nursing be found? Which schools in Florida are accredited or approved? A: The Florida Board of Nursing Education Unit works hard to provide all information […]


Doctor to Answer Charges for Overdosing Patients

Recently the mother of a 26 year-old man who died, reported a Pinellas Park doctor to the Florida Board of Medicine.  According to the state records, this doctor had prescribed  3,360 oxycodone pills the year before the young man died in 2009. The doctor has been accused of malpractice three times in the past three […]


Florida Oral Surgeon Reaches Deal with State and Will Continue to Practice

A Pensacola, Florida, oral surgeon, Dr. David “Ty” Turbyfill, has reached a settlement agreement with the Florida Department of Health over alleged accusations of sexual misconduct with three sedated teenage patients. Dr. Turbyfill has denied the allegations. The Florida Board of Dentistry approved the agreement, allowing Dr. Turbyfill to continue his practice, paying a $10,000 administrative fine, and $4,630 […]


Reporting Disciplinary Actions on Nursing Applications in Florida

  The following information was obtained from the website of The Florida Board of Nursing, Nursing Endorsement  Application Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Frequently Asked Questions about Discipline History The Florida Board of Nursing receives numerous questions from applicants regarding discipline. The following are the most frequently asked questions: Question: What disciplinary action […]


Florida Division of Real Estate Disciplinary Proceedings

On the Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature, the 2012 Statutes are listed for the Division of Real Estate.  This is just a sampling of the “Statute 455.225 Disciplinary proceedings.”   “A formal hearing before an administrative law judge from the Division of Administrative Hearings shall be held pursuant to chapter 120 if there are […]