Protect Your Florida Nursing License

Most nurses only think about the Florida Board of Nursing when they are obtaining their license or when they are renewing their Florida nursing licenses. Most nurses rarely think about lawsuits that can affect their ability to practice nursing. Few nurses expect to give up their ability to earn money as a nurse because the […]


New Florida Bill Proposed Giving Nurse Specialists More Authority

There is a new legislative plan in the works that would increase the authority of nurse practitioners in Florida.  The critics of the plan are against giving nurses more privileges that are now expressly given to physicians. This plan would give nurse practitioners more independence without the supervision of a physician. Some representatives in favor of […]


The Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN)

Most chemical dependency is generally defined as a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal disease with stages and a predictable course. How is chemical dependency best described in nursing? Impairment by nurses is generally characterized by the inability to perform their professional duties and responsibilities in a reasonable manner, consistent with standards acceptable for nurses.  Unfortunately, impaired practice is not […]