Two Florida Physicians Appearing Before the Florida Board of Medicine

Two Florida physicians were called before the Florida Board of Medicine recently.  A family medical doctor was charged with DUI in 2012.  He allegedly prescribed himself 120 tablets of hydrocodone acetaminophen, and was charged the next day with DUI. The doctor pleaded guilty in April of 2012, and his license has been restricted from practicing from March of 2014.

Another physician has a request to voluntarily relinquish her Florida medical license.  This physician sought help from the resource network after completing an alcohol dependency program in 2011.  She stopped her participation in the program in June of 2014 when she returned from a missionary trip and retired. The network terminated her contract, which could have caused a disciplinary action.

Remember, your license is your livelihood.

If you are a Florida physician, a professional license holder in any of the healthcare fields, or a student in any of the healthcare fields with licensing issues, Soreide Law Group will represent you in disciplinary hearings in front of the appropriate Board.  To speak with an attorney at no cost call: (888) 760-6552.