Two Florida Physicians Lose Medical Licenses

Two Florida physicians lost their medical licenses October 10th., 2014, on similar charges.  They had both been accused of  prescribing large quantities of addictive pain pills.

A Fort Myers physician had already been suspended from practice in an emergency order which had been filed by the Florida Department of Health (DOH)  in May of 2013. The physician had been accused of nine counts of wrongdoing. Eight of them concerned practicing below the standard of care for four of his patients, and failing to keep good medical records  in those cases. The ninth count involved breaking an emergency restriction on his license that DOH issued in 2012, barring him from being involved in unapproved stem-cell treatments or referring patients for that purpose.

A New Port Richey physician also had his license revoked. He had an administrative complaint with 16 counts, including substandard care to five unidentified patients, over-prescribing of narcotics, inadequate records and “a pattern of practice …which demonstrates a lack of reasonable skill and safety to patients.”

Remember, your license is your livelihood.

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